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Hi there

We are a small group of developers, designers and entrepreneurs.
Our drive is to explore new opportunities and join skills and expertise to bootstrap side projects.
Our roots are in Switzerland, but we like to collaborate with people worldwide.

What we're good at


We meet on a regular base to try to solve problems with mind, soul, coffee and technology.
We love that.

Test & Validate

Great ideas = great assumptions. We like to start small and verify... some like to call this a lean approach to product development.

Design & implement

Creative, efficient & focused... did we say pragmatic ? We root for simplicity and effective paths to results.

Measure & Iterate

We are data freaks and enjoy looking at concise dashboards. But then we quickly get bored and want to iterate :-)

Are you interested ?

Whether you have an interesting project idea, skills to promote or just want to say hi, feel free to reach out to us.

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